Services Overview

As our Founder believes in SMEs Malaysia have been the national main group of businesses,
he sees the needs of SMEs to better structure their accounting and financial function in order to be more competitive in the local and worldwide market.

The profession of accountant do not only limit to compliance services such as auditing and taxation.
A competent accountant will always provide value added services to assist the SMEs to grow their business.

With proper accounting function in place,
the SMEs will find that to obtain financing facilities from government and financial institution has never been that easy.
The cash flows and profitability of the business will be further strengthened too.

Our Services

Audit and Assurance

From the UK and Singapore’s audit and assurance experience of Mr Yong and Jason, we noted that many of the SMEs do not quite understand their financial position even with yearly audit in place.

As one of the effective ways to Maximize and Optimize the Business Value, we emphasize on good communication with our clients. As a good practice, we always hold closing meeting with the client after the audit work where we will brief the client on their financial status and advise them on any doubts they may have.

We also have a professional audit team who have been constantly sent for training improve the quality of audit engagements.


In J & J Group, we do not only ensure timely submission of income tax returns where it may result in hefty penalty being imposed by the Inland Revenue Board if deadline is not met.

As a professional tax consultant, the clients can tap on our taxation expertise. We provide invaluable tax advice to our clients for better and lawful tax saving.

GST Advisory

GST Consultation Services

- Where we help the SMEs to assess the impact of GST, identify non-compliance area, Action Plan mapping, implementation of Action Plan and GST Tax planning in order to forecast and improve the profitability and cash flows of the company

- A one year GST support service where clients can seek for professional advice from our consultant for any GST related issues.

- Latest GST updates

GST in-house Training

- A tailor made in-house training especially from the manufacturing and servicing industry

- Focus on GST areas that relevant to the client to ensure the effectiveness of the training

Merger and Acquisition

Assist our clients to seek for potential buyer or seller of businesses for the business merger or acquisition.

Our database is mainly from Malaysia and Singapore while some are from China, Hong Kong, USA, Europe and Middle East.

Financial Consultation

This is one of the special services that we offer where our experience consultant will play the role as the Part Time Accounts Manager for the SMEs.

We understand that every business ought to have an Accounts Manager to help nurturing a healthy growth of the company, however it is considered costly for a SMEs to hire a full time Accounts Manager.

Accounting Software Support

Provide technical support services to the clients who are using the accounting software such as Million Software.

We adopt the effective and efficient way in the support service by tapping on the latest IT and telecommunication technology. This further bring down the time and cost required while helping the client to reduce their cost and ensure timely attention by our consultants.

We are preparing to expand the Accounting Software Support service to cover the other common brand of accounting software in the market.