What We do For Accounting JOB?
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  • Step 1 - Client Interview
  • Step 2 - Assignment of Job
  • Step 3 - Planning Meeting
  • Step 4 - Document Completeness
  • Step 5 - Accounting Works
  • Step 6 - Manager Review
  • Step 7 - Closing Meeting with Client

Client Interview

We organize an interview with the client or even visit their office to understand their business nature and operation.

Assignment of Job

We allocate a manager and a staff for the job.
The staff in-charge will provide a list of documents required to the client.

Planning Meeting

Upon the collection of documents provided, a Manager in-charge will go through the documents to understand the existing paperwork flows. The Manager in-charge will highlight to the staff in-charge any likely omission of documents or suggest for filing arrangement improvement.

Document Completeness

Staff in-charge will communicate with the client for omitted documents before they start the accounting job.

Accounting Works
(accuracy, cut-off, classification & completeness)

The accounting works are done using Invoice Basis to comply with Malaysian Accounting Standards.

The balances are matched with the bank statement, suppliers’ record and the client records where possible. Staff in-charge communicates with client and the Manager in-charge throughout the accounting job process.

Manager Review

The completed management accounts will be reviewed by the Manager in-charge with a Review Point list for the staff in-charge to follow up.

Closing Meeting with Client

A set of management accounts (Profit or Loss, Balance Sheet) will be tabled for discussion and signing upon client’s approval.

We will highlight area for improvements to the client and method of filing arrangement that suitable for the client and also the effectiveness and efficiency of accounting works.

We will also discuss with client on any breach of certain laws such as Income Tax Act, Companies Act, EPF Act and etc that come to our knowledge during the accounting work.